Adaptec 12G Products

12G Ecosystem Compatibility

12G Technology to Complement Series 8 RAID

PMC Adaptec has tested the interoperability and compatibility of each of the manufacturer’s products listed below. It does not attempt to validate the quality of or preference for any of the listed products. It is also not an inclusive list and reflects a representative sample of products in each of the categories listed. All testing was done by the PMC Adaptec Product Verification Group and the InterOperability Test Lab. For the complete compatibility report, please visit


HARD DISK DRIVES (HDDs) — 12Gb/s and 6Gb/s

HGST       Samsung       Seagate       Toshiba       Western Digital  


SOLID STATE DRIVES (SSDs) — 12Gb/s and 6Gb/s

HGST     Crucial     Intel     Kingston     Micron   OCZ Technology   SamSung    

Seagate     SanDisk     Toshiba     STEC     Viking    


SAS Tape Drives and Libraries

HP     Quantum     TandbergData    


ENCLOSURES (CHASSIS & JBODs) — 12Gb/s and 6Gb/s

Advanced Industrial Computer, Inc     AreaSYS     Chenbro     CI     HP     Intel     NewiSYS    

Promise     TST     TST     Wortmann    


Host Systems / Motherboards

    Dell     HP     Intel     NEC     TST     Tyan     Wortmann